Upcoming Events

Expanding Beyond the Student Lifecycle: Salesforce for University HR

What: Best Practices Session
When: 9am-9:40am | Friday, March 23
Where: Breakout #4 (Baltimore 1-2) | Salesforce.org Higher Ed Summit, Washington D.C.

Presented by Chris Tompkins, Director of the IU CRM Initiative

The IU CRM Initiative team is attending #HESummit18, March 21-23.
Look for us there!

First look: the IU CRM Initiative

What: Infoshare and Q&A
When: 1:30pm-2:30pm | Friday, March 30
Where: Wrubel Commons, CIB

chris-tompkins.jpgJoin Chris Tompkins, Director of the IU CRM Initiative, for an introduction to constituent relationship management at IU. Topics include CRM in higher ed., IU's new ELA with Salesforce, the IU CRM Initiative's role, and an overview of adopting, change requests, and governance. Chris will take questions at the end.

IU CRM: Pillars of Adoption

What: Infoshare and Q&A
When: 1pm-2pm | Friday, April 20
Where: Wrubel Commons, CIB

chris-tompkins.jpgWhat is an adoption “pillar”? Chris Tompkins, Director of the IU CRM Initiative, presents the concept, explaining the differences between a pillar of adoption and individual areas that have adopted the IU CRM platform. This talk will also include a high-level overview of the capabilities already available for the three current pillars: Communications, Admissions Recruiting, and HR.

IU CRM: Communications Adoption

What: Infoshare and Q&A
When: 10:30am-11:30am | Thursday, May 24
Where: Wrubel Commons, CIB

This session will provide an in-depth look at the features available for IU CRM Communications adopters. The Communications pillar of adoption is the most prevalent type of adoption at IU: it currently spans more than 200 groups and hundreds of users. Learn how the IU CRM platform can be leveraged for mass digital communications and how new areas can adopt CRM with these capabilities.