Project updates

In progress

SMS/Text Communication Phase I

Target completion: Dec. 2018
Updated 11/18

  • Two Administrative Short Codes now established with service providers.
  • Engaging initial adopters to assist with establishing short codes; providing guidelines & examples.
  • Platform configuration underway; expected complete by Dec.
  • Best practices for SMS/Text usage & approval process for new adopters needed.
  • Note: Terms of Service & Privacy Notice for administrative short codes must be finalized before service provider setup can proceed. Each adopter must establish their own versions, align business operations & establish SMS/Text best practices prior to adoption.

Lightning Experience Conversion

Target completion: Jan. 2018
Updated 11/18

  • Configurations complete for all adjusted user profiles in CRM Stage instance.
  • Deployment of Core CRM & Communication user profiles targeted for mid-Dec.
  • HR user transition tentatively scheduled for Jan. 2019.
  • Undergrad Admissions transition target date pending arrangement of planning & focus group review sessions.

Unauthorized App Restriction

Target completion: Jan. 2019
Updated 11/18

  • Initial testing has passed in Salesforce dev. environment.
  • Installation of new user security components complete.
  • Initial installation of solution in Salesforce Sandbox (pre-production) environment complete.
  • Technical issue encountered with Jitterbit integration tool; Jitterbit upgrade required to proceed.

Convergence Cloud (Heroku) Phase I

Target completion: Spring 2019
Updated 11/18

  • Consultant partner (TriFin) has passed security review.
  • Agreement for initial scoping engagement in place; discovery sessions held & statement of work is being developed.
  • Phase I project deliverables include: Global list upload utility, CRM form handler & foundational Heroku architecture.
  • Completion will resolve outstanding deliverables from Undergrad Admissions Phase II.

Single Sign-on (CAS/Duo Authentication)

Target completion: Dec. 2018
Updated 11/18

  • Final testing complete; solution implemented in IU CRM production instance.
  • Knowledge Base documentation completed and end user communications ongoing.
  • Alignment with UITS Support Center in place to assist users with transition.
  • SSO activation targeted for Dec. 6

Departmental Salesforce Org Transitions

Transitions begin Dec. 2018
Updated 11/18

  • IT Community Partnerships: Assessment complete.
    • Transition to IU CRM for all usage except for SSSP management targeted by Dec.
    • Redevelopment of SSSP intended for new Jaggaer purchasing system.
  • GlobalNOC: Assessment complete.
    • GlobalNOC confirmed no current use of their org. & will identify historic data to retain; CRM Team to assist with extraction.
    • Once verified, GlobalNOC org. will be inactivated; target completion by Dec.

HIPAA Alignment

Target completion: Spring 2019
Updated 11/18

  • Documentation of CRM processes with risk assessments complete.
  • Risk mitigation recommendation document pending completion by Anurag Shankar.
  • Vendor BAA (HIPAA agreement addendum) currently in process between Salesforce & IU Purchasing.


External Organization Relations Phase I

Updated 11/18

  • Initial stakeholder scoping meetings currently underway.
  • Proposed data model developed for reference; project scope & charter still pending.
  • Identification of functional partner resources pending stakeholder assignment.
  • Kuali Research & Crimson identified as potential source data systems for initial integration.
  • Discussions with both University and Foundation legal to be scheduled once data is identified for integration & security model is in development.
  • Integration with new purchasing system (Jaggaer) in discussion.
  • External Organization Service Center pending, process & ownership for single source of organization record pending.
  • Explanatory handout for potential stakeholders under review.

Graduate Recruiting Phase I

Updated 11/18

  • Initial stakeholder planning meetings complete.
  • Identification of functional partner resources pending stakeholder assignment.
  • Draft project charter developed; final draft pending functional partner working sessions.