The platform

IU CRM is powered by Salesforce.org, through an Enterprise License Agreement at the institutional level. Salesforce designed the products that maintain IU CRM data, including university contacts, their relationships with IU, and the interactions between any part of the university and constituents.

The IU CRM platform is made up of two components: Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce CRM is used to manage constituent data. Marketing Cloud is the mass digital communications component, used by over 200 IU communications shops across the state.

IU CRM has several configurations that can be easily adopted by IU offices or departments. New projects can be implemented by the IU CRM Initiative in partnership with the requesting business unit.

The system

IU CRM is more than a platform. It's also a single secure system for the constituent information that IU holds.

Having one source for CRM data eliminates the redundancies of disjointed systems, as well as duplicative staff efforts to maintain constituent information.

Integrating data across IU also improves the quality of the information. Each constituent, after all, is a complex person (or organization) with plausibly many different relationships with many different parts of the university.

A full-spectrum understanding of each constituent enables better interactions with each individual and fosters stronger relationships with the university.

Looking further down the road, this integration of data is also an essential foundation for innovation—building the kind of responsive, personalized digital systems and services that people increasingly tend to expect from institutions.

IU CRM, the system, is also the people, support, approval structures, processes, and policies that make all this data functional, secure, and free from misuse. That includes the IU CRM Initiative, the team that will guide you to the right solutions for your office, school, or department.

Start by sending us an adoption request.