The IU CRM Initiative aims to make the adoption process as simple as possible.

  1. Assess the needs of your business unit (department, office, etc.).
  2. Browse IU CRM's adoption types to determine which one fits best.
  3. Submit an adoption request, and the IU CRM Initiative will set up a conversation with you to detail your next steps.


Adopting an existing pillar or package costs your business unit nothing. The IU CRM platform and user license costs are covered in the university-wide ELA.



Approvals are required from the requesting business and the appropriate Data Manager (for data security). In some cases, you may need additional permissions, which will be facilitated by the IU CRM Initiative.

Unsure what to request? Does your request differ from the current options?

Choose "Other / New" when you submit your adoption request. The IU CRM Initiative will provide guidance on requesting new projects during your consultation.