User Training

IU CRM User Training

Starting January 2019, we're offering training on Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud. We'll provide the technical background you need to confidently use IU CRM's Salesforce tools.

Training Prerequisites—All Courses

  1. IU CRM adoption (unit level)
  2. Completed compliance requirements (user)
    FERPA Compliance
    Acceptable Use Agreement
  3. Established user access
(i.e., You must have an active Salesforce user account and your business unit must have adopted IU CRM to attend any training course.)

Available Courses

IU Communications 101

Intended for all IU CRM users that need to send mass emails.

Learn to:

  • Manage distribution lists
  • Build, test, and send emails
  • Employ email analytics
  • Use subscription management

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