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Cathy O'Bryan, Chris Tompkins
Whittenberger Auditorium

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Client Services and Support AVP Cathy O'Bryan and Director Chris Tompkins of the IU CRM Initiative cover features that are available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM today. Participants were urged to submit their questions, requests and changes at

Description of the video:

>> Good afternoon folks I'm Cathy O'Bryan. I mean associate vice president of client services and support and for the sake of this presentation you can just think of me as one of the leaders of the I you see your own initiative the real leader is right next to me Chris Tompkins he is the initiative director.

I've said it before but I'll say for the sake of people walked in this is the introductory session to what is the I used C.R.M. So if you've heard this one before you may want to exit we won't be offended if you're interested in hearing it again please know there are some new sites on the backend so just to get started here in the corporate world it would generally be called a customer relationship management system but in higher ed it's typically referred to as constituent whether we know it or not or think it or not we are in a business we have loftier goals and end products I would certainly like to think so my backgrounds education but the fact is we are in a business and we do have constituents we do have customers we do have folks that we need to know more about today we are competing in a digital world where much your experience is personalized think Amazon that is a C.R.M. is designed to track constituents or people their relationships to the institution or to the people at the institution as well as the interactions one of the challenges of sales force in particular and if you were at the last session with Chris is that sales force is a gigantic one and we have yet to have anyone ask the question.

Can sales force do X. and the answer is always yes but the question is is it part of the mission of being a C.R.M. doesn't limit what we can do for the C.R.M. needs of I you is an institution and obviously security and all the usual questions come up.

One of the things that unique about higher ed when you think of C.R.M. or you think about situations is that our constituents change or process time it's a longstanding relationship it's not a purchase of a single product or even a single car or two or three cars so it is very possible in a higher ed C.R.M. for someone to start out as a prospect or a lead a high school athlete often a.c.t list and become a student and then roll student and in that get involved in athletics possibly do it in church interest we talk an internship with the corporation be involved in the government grant Eventually we all hope they graduate they move on they get their undergrad degree they're now an employer they're also an alumni that might be thinking of doing some continuing studies they have a different relationship university in that role eventually to become a parent hopefully they want to and there's their child you so the constituent relationships and higher ed are much more complicated they are quite diverse and there are many of them at the same time on many levels.

Why a unified C.R.M. that I you I recently did some consulting at my old alma mater University of Wisconsin and a good friend of mine there Steve Hahn said there's nothing less useful than siloed C.-R. atoms if an institution even at a single campus level like Madison Wisconsin has multitude to Sierra is where Continuing Studies knows one thing about Joe Schmoe and.

Undergrad admissions knows one thing about Joe Schmoe and student know another thing about Joe Schmoe and nobody knows the total picture constituents back to that full circle there's nothing less useful as a large institution as an institution that hasn't or didn't and diverse and frankly complex relationships with our constituents we need to put the picture together we need to make sure that ultimately we're not asking that constituent the same sort of information every time we send them a survey or a web form or they get involved in a conference and they attend we want to avoid the constituent having to re-explain we want to avoid not looking like we know anything about them we want our engagement to be more personal We want to be more authentic We want to be more meaningful and to do that we need to know something about that constituent obviously and I have great data security those absolute critical of the type of data we already have data we already have for the data we have obviously personal agenda file data and I'm sure there's more.

Want to speak to our constituents it's one idea we don't want to speak with separate voices from every single institution or every single unit or every single campus or every single level of constituents relationship to our YOU sales force as I said it's a platform as a service it's a very large platform as a service some of these numbers may have changed slightly but the fact is sales force has thousands of branded skews under the sales force name alone they have five to six thousand counting a minute cross the six threshold of third party applications that can be bolted on all of these things make it a tremendously flexible platform there are smaller irate institutions that use sales force for telling entire student information system there are others that use it for their backend accounting it can be used in a variety of ways but every time you use the platform one thing or another you're taking up a certain amount of its resources so it I you it's the I use C.R.M. its primary mission is to act like a constituent relationship management database again tracking constituent interactions and most importantly their relationships to the institution that is are you.

In the sales force or the I use C.R.M. in the sales force enterprise license agreement we have two major components already rolled out one is the sales for C.R.M. and the other is the sales force marketing Loud Cloud and they are by nature of the platform branded skews and integrated we also purchase of all communities which we have yet to have a project straight up that using you can think of it like constituencies or birds of a feather type populations or affinity groups there are many other items in the light which I'll get into.

The I use C.R.M. initiative I heard Chris say it was ten months in the last meeting so by the way you've only been at it eight months and we've become the I used C.R.M. initiative spend a lot and it's been a fabulous eight months it's been challenging it months but it wasn't until February fifteenth this this year that we actually became an enterprise initiative we had many stakeholders we had many sponsors prior to that three pillars already built out through those sponsorships but it was not enterprise so it did.

I have an enterprise licensing agreement we have an extraordinary mall team I'll give and his team and some of them are in the room tremendous credit for what I've done there five people including Chris Little Engine That Could story but the fact is with the enterprise license agreement with the presidential initiative we've gained resources we've actually filled out the staff seats and we're in the process of ramping up for much faster build out so what did the I R I U C R M initiative give you that wasn't there before February fifteenth twenty eight you gave an enterprise charge for C.R.M. across one C.R.M. for I you ruin the ability for everyone to see what they can or what they're allowed to for notwithstanding things like that about that constituent so that we're gathering information that the institution as a whole can use.

Gave us a larger scris team went from five to fifteen and that was a huge effort in and of itself it gave us what we call foundational resources for the platform you can think of those as back office stuff that's absolutely essential to scale to the level of enterprise so it's that if you're in the last session it's the Hiroko integration model it's all sorts of things that make D.

duplication and integration Monch more flexible much more able to handle the amount of volume of possibility going to need as we build further pillars it gave us executive leadership called governance simply put John say the C.F.O. of by you Fred Wheeler the vice president of I.T. as well as now the vice president of communications and marketing are the executive leadership that prioritize the sponsor projects not the onboarding into existing projects those would be done much more quickly but the prioritization of existing projects across the pillars we use the word pillar to explain those projects that have sponsorship that have a certain set of features for a particular vertical business functionality at are you we use the word package for something that's comparatively quick to on board with no additional consulting no project behind it just a matter of getting a new unit on board some existing packages I've talked earlier about the sales force enterprise license agreement all licenses are paid for for the part of the sales force platform that we package obviously with thousands of skews you don't purchase the whole package we'd be tacking.

Several zeros on to an already rather large number and I'm sure we still wouldn't have got there at that point nor would we be using it so we wouldn't be that financial stewards of our use resources. What does the law you see here I'm initiative not include if you are choosing to become part of a project or a future pillar or a new phase in an existing pillar then it does not include any third party consulting that's needed to stand up and do that new development new feature sets on an existing Miller or completely new pillar and we've got two new pillars going up it does not include any third party apps or products the sales force that are outside the enterprise license agreement within the enterprise license agreement I'm very confident we have enough licenses to cover whatever we wanted to but if you're adding something off the sales force platform which is ever expanding ever growing that's not in the L A then those licenses would be responsibility of the group or the vertical choosing to do that as I said before the two main components that we've already set up by the C.R.M. and the Marketing Cloud the Marketing Cloud is a mass e-mail tool some of you may have been personally contacted over four hundred instances of single point email mass communication tools have been merged into sales force so all those mail chips what counts constant contacts and passion is what I forgotten all the names are now inside the sales force marketing and paid for under the E L A We also added communities as I mentioned earlier but that has not yet stood up in a pillar and we've added those resources which are back office things that make it possible for us to build.

The leadership structure or the governance structure so important to look at this and the start of the left if you will there are three pillars that are already built the I you can resources this is a service request management CASE tool if you've ever sent anything to ask H R All of that is tracked through sales force no it's only seen by H.

are all employed data and all information regarding service request ask H.R. as par plan twenty twenty goes through sales force the second pillar is the most advanced pillar it's actually finishing up that's phase two of development. It's done very nice and that this is the undergraduate admissions pillar all of the incoming new undergraduates at every campus but Bloomington IN twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen were recruited through sales force massive customer journeys campaigns funnels linked to the marketing clout huge effort there and they came back in a Phase two build right before we can't became the enterprise initiative and said these are the further feature sets that we need right now they're not talking about a phase three because they're pretty happy with what they've got you might ask why not Bloomington Bloomington when we were first moving into sales force with admissions was in the process of upgrading Hobson's to radius it wasn't a good time for them to switch we didn't have anything go ready for them as you know if you're in admissions or recruiting there's a very distinct window of when you're doing and is used in that type of work in the midst of window I mean along I You communications are very first pillar see if you have are you communications folks out there.

You're into the speech you can know all right so I communications with science and partners with us early on they may not be the most complex pillar out the. But they probably have the largest number of users about four hundred fifty ish users two hundred fifty five I've heard now units have adopted the sales force marketing plan with our partners and I you can occasions marketing they've done all the onboarding the two new pillars and they're very new I think graduate admissions or recruiting pillar and the external organizational relations pillars and I do want to stress here although in this picture they look like they're exactly the same as the other three graduate admissions recruiting pillars the stakeholders met for the first time last week and the external organization relations is still being scheduled now that all the stakeholders have been named that is going to be one gigantic wonderful pillar but it's going to take a series of phases to get there I see you smile and obviously we are governed by the day in stewards as anyone else's with you data on Chris's team is the red team at the bottom and C.R.M. users provide feedback to that team what does our C.F.O. C.I.A.O. do they prioritize the projects that come off the pillar so that we can decide where to sequence the projects according to not only do they have the stakeholders in place have they completed their scope how they chartered for whatever funding is needed if they need third party functional consulting do they need any apps that are not in the E.-L. a and are we ready to go so what's happening now and what's happening next this will give you just an overview of some of the packages I just gave you you can change that two hundred fifty five Communication shops you can see it in Mission Space to feature set is complete and university H.R. is actually talking about a phase two but not there yet we do have two packages these are not pillars.

Very early on we did the original admissions pillars for undergraduates we had graduate school spontaneously We never advertised coming to us and saying we want that well with out a project stood up designed for the very high touch low volume nature of graduate they were able to adopt some of the basics feature sets in summary that were in the undergraduate admissions package so we are on boarding to this day the graduated missions package but it's a smaller basic set of features for that group once the graduate admissions pillar is stood up it will be much more complete much more tailored for graduate schools and probably a preferred route for the schools to take but right now there's about ten schools in and there's about twelve on the waiting.

That's leaking I it's a lot like fingernails on a fact but I am not like my nails are not doing anything. Or package adoption in the very last presentation Chris just outlined this so I think this might be the perfect time for you to tell me about it in the last.

And back. All right so then I'll just do a quick recap so I don't or you're going through it all again basically or package is something you came up with to try and you value across the broad a swatch possible to those who don't necessarily have established So these are your various smaller.

Center for all gauges primes you right now if we were to do a full blown center flu we're engaged in and project our B six twelve months it costs money instead what we've done is packaged a feature set to allow for basic core C. or in capabilities to track people relationships various interactions but in a very standardized way that allows for maximum flexibility so the idea is we do one bill one design option that can be used for one hundred different skis instead of doing one hundred bills each one be able to do one scares So we're getting ready to roll that out we're the last bugs not bugs will little gotchas you know how it's never ever you have got yours was that's all cleaned up we're going to roll it out probably within about three weeks to start your current through the backlog about fifteen or so one of the cool things about the core package and I won't bore you with too much of what you might have heard in the previous session is that once we've taken the fifteen units that are said I really need a C.R.M. basic C.R.M. you know constituents relationships interactions and they get about twenty five this press mention custom fields they've had an opportunity to adopt right and once they've had an opportunity to adopt what they thought they wanted maybe move they got eighty percent of it in the core package maybe that other twenty percent doesn't look like that anymore because you've actually had time to be in Sierra many of these units have not had experience and stare at the Ultimately once all fifteen and I imagine that number's probably got to go to several dozen by the time we're done onboarding them takes no more than four weeks to on board and how fast everybody gets lined up their fields get organized the fact is we'll be able to group them for future needs and then rather than one small unit of ten people having to say I really need this now maybe we can find five units that need that same thing in we can look at it it's a project going forward looking at common features and therefore onboarding people more quickly really excited about our package.

What's next as I mentioned graduate recruitment phase one met for the first time last week a group who for a dozen stakeholders they're in the process of giving press their power user names that will be representative in choosing the features and scope ultimately doing the testing in the sign on that will be phase one we do all of these an interactive phases gives people to a chance to get started doesn't take years and years and years also gives them a chance to stick the cello in the water find out what they really like what they really think they need next.

I'm going right now in this one I'm going to turn to Chris for. S.M.S. mass text this is not one on one conversational touch this is mass text turning it on for all the offices of an element management and the students campuses this was a couple test ones of course are you communications and marketing right now I think we are depending upon how many of the units that are getting a short code as part of the enterprise license agreement what's the short code or your doctor your jet is probably send you text messages on that funky little five digit code six digit code close and pay attention to can't really call back doesn't do anything that changes the fact is each unit owns their own short code and they have to have a privacy notice attached to it they have to have the ability to opt in or not out they have to put their operational communication plan together based on text being a different type of channel this is a opens up a completely different type of communication channel to use C.R.M. users foundational projects as I mentioned earlier these are ongoing projects that we do for the health of the platform for the extensibility as a platform to make it more robust we're improving in an integration we've got a massive project on D.

duplications coming on and of course do are two factors curity that means just about there in from there were moving to the very large project that I expect to have multitudes of phases and that's external relations you can think of that one is or Perth relations. Well you can think of it this way because this is the way I hear it in my head every time I say it myself it's.

Vice president Kate research saying I want to know all the interactions all of the relationships that you has with Eli Lilly I want to know how many alumni work there I want to know how many students are interning there I want to know how many grants they're involved in and I want to know how many boards faculty members are sitting on you can imagine this is a very lengthy set of contacts and it's more than just one constituent it's not a person constituent it's I use relationship to an organisation through the people that they know in that organization so by far one of the more complex pillars also one of the most promising pillars which is the story of my life the more challenging it is the more fun it is the more right here I get.

Chris talked a little bit more about external relations. I'm sorry I was just enjoying watching with you face on this one it was just like be me even though he's feeling under the weather. So this is a very good digital depiction of what we're planning so in that very first or second slide that Kathy pulled up and showed the person that should all the different variations of nation ship that we as I you have with that person and they have it's one of the things that makes higher and extremely unique in the space of C.R.M. is the fact that you can have multiple parallel relationships going on both at the same time in across time if you look at commercial your customer you're a vendor you're a partner that's really bad it it's very very easy to do that but if you are a enrolled student and being recruited from grad and a parent of a student in a season ticket holder and alumni that is a whole lot of different lenses that one person is being looked at and part of the challenge actually it's the whole chain it goes from that we have a cultural issues with security sharing information all the stuff that we we live day in and air so all of our focus has been on the first of the.

Now we're going to be doing is the exact same thing with the organization So basically if it is an external organization that falls within the boundaries of where this interest lies we are going to treat them just like we have been the person or the various research grants that we have on the various sponsorships one of the various gifts I've been doing research with you know I understand these things.

I can tell the difference I knew them all same thing no they're not. Basically all of those various interactions and relationships are relationships that that particular organization has of I you so that when anybody goes to engage them we're as knowledgeable about the organization as we are they.

Now what we're going to do is then take that step farther because really if you think about it we're almost talking about two different serums now one for. People on four organizations were actually going to do it in the morning and then we're going to do is tie the organization to the people so what that means is that when a person goes to cook and sits down with.

Jill Smith and says anything not only will he know everything about what I used to cook over the last year we also know that Jill Smith is one night in has a daughter who is a sophomore at. Which is just a really remarkable thing if you think about but that kind of illustrates not only the organization relationship to our you but the person relationship to are you and then the person to person ships and then how both of them.

So that's really are and. Just at the time I thought I completely understood this diagram Brad as he often does asked a really great question and I went So what you might see there is there were Rice was a former I you trustee and at the time I don't put me on the title but I believe he was a senior vice president and Eli Lilly He has since become C.E.O. and C.V.S. So I you doesn't want to lose the relationship obvious with the price he's a graduate he's an X.

or trustees member he's influential but he switch companies so it also shows if you look very closely in the fine grain print it also shows that the constituent can move from external organization or in this case from corporation to corporation and we still have that relationship we still know what we know about that individual and this is Derek Price How do you get involved in the I use C.R.M. initiative Well it's actually pretty simple I you start at C.R.M. dot I you Jonty you and there's a button I think it's down to the bottom of adoption inquiry and you tell us it's a very straightforward form or five fields more than that and tell us what you're trying to do now if you know that you should be part of the admissions pillar maybe more likely you want to be part of the core package and you can put that there but we'd really love you to tell us a little bit about your business case because we can help advise you could take a little time to do that no essays required the I used will get back to you and further assassin in more detail but still an overview needs assessment of what it is you're actually trying to do if you need to become a stakeholder we'll be lumping stakeholders together in buckets as I said earlier to put common needs together for those things that need future future feature sets built out in the form of a project with or without functional consulting with or without their party apps that are not part of the license community.

Simply submit an inquiry and that's the way you see your own initiative we did try to allow lots of time for questions I think we got it. Really we could not have explained it that well or you've all heard it before and just came to see it again.

I'm just. So for integration what I heard was does it allow any usage of A.B.S. and then the next question I heard is how about A.P.I. integration like Chris take this woman's death and more his area in the mine. So the very last carrier you put on there if you're on the horizon so far from what I've been able to help literally everything seems to be on the prize so I can't answer as for right now no we do nine hundred eighty S.

group integration for us it's very very critical period we have person and that's because unlike the E.D.S. set up we are such a diversified set of information that from a business case perspective it doesn't really match it doesn't mean that maybe someday we don't but since it is very individual based news somebody is dealing with corporate relations and we're reading in this same time there's not that type of overlap or group usage and case law.

It might be something to look at in the future or to say from an A.P.R. perspective as a general integration sales force is the land of A.P.I. We have to lock down every single one and the reason being is if you think about having a database we're absolutely anybody who has access to that A.P.I. can go in and basically do anything to that database that is going to be our death between for data HIPAA data business protect the data that is data integrity and security as the apps in this thing you have along with the fact that if you try integrating something what we have found is that it always does stuff especially with all those third party apps she was talking about they always kind of go in stole something or they consumed particular out of the box feature and you don't really know about it until you go through a project process discovery and Alice is testing all the rest which brings us back to the project because what we really cannot have is taking something off the shelf where the box and says hey three steps to integration we pop it on and then it breaks the entire plan which has.

Been we have learned through experience. That's where around. And certainly yes good question so basically this is has to do with staff transitions people even the university who currently have access how do we ensure that they no longer have access when they should have access at a pretty good way to sum it up right.

So we are very very fortunate to be part of a wonderful large organization what that means is a group within us called A S Q A which is the access security and quality assurance that manages the security for a lot of the university systems also manages all security accesses for us so my team does not set up.

As Q eight hundred does they monitor things like the H.R. system as somebody left the university as a student no longer an employee and what they will do is automatically shut. When that happens now if somebody moves from job a to job B E Now it's a little bit more tricky but that's just part of.

Our business we do what we can in those cases so far you know from a university perspective they're there for their daily usage agreements are still in place as employees the bigger risk is when somebody leaves a university or is no longer steps. And those are the ones who aren't as we're good.

Morning. Yes absolutely not doubt no questions we got it all planned to get it all figured out. Yes So the question is that with something like relations which is very similar to a person based you know we've got all these different sources Them's all of these systems of truth you know here here is here is the data that person when you aggregate all of that into a concatenated picture how do you do about.

It really is two different pieces of the puzzle number one of them. In the rules are really governed by the state of that particular business so when we pull a bunch of people together to do something like a extra organization what we have done is pulled in the representatives of those troops to amongst themselves determine what they want as the combined truth so that's that's number one without that we really can't do much of it otherwise we'd just be rebuilding the silo data and that's not even useful the second is the how now the HOW is just as tricky because quite honestly we don't do integrations very well and we've got a lot of integrations in place they are still being done kind of in an old way of doing things where you're doing various queries and injecting and trying to match and all the rest we are getting arrayed to kick off a very new idea which is a cloud based integration structure including master data management duplications and validation so that all inbound data to the sea or a MUST be processed through the same mechanisms and it doesn't matter if it's done by list by source system by web form or anything else has to go through the master data management rules which means if we've got.

We've got we've got Casey and we've got. Another system I don't know but also purchasing it all says Lily is. Well somebody has to somebody has to try and what this new. Architecture will do is say if the data comes from. Level one system that's what will take if it isn't come one which coming from level two will take that little just go down that kind of Hari hierarchy to determine based off of the rules from the business perspective how that should be present.

Or see particularly in external relations having done a serum makin a late ninety's I mean was Exxon Mobile or was it mobile was a mobile with a name was a not mobile was it east coast was West Coast was a corporate Wait no it's international OK but he moved the fact is they'll still have to be some manual intervention when X.

and Y. just don't line up I know Beth and Robinson for Kate are thinking about one of the things we typically see in the pillars of the C.R.M. is that in addition to onboarding it's also very important for you as an institution and as staff to grow in the way we use these tools so are you communications and marketing his on board many many users but having people that can help him get more sophistication sophisticated users across four hundred some odd users is important so a service center is being set out very much like the one I see Tony and I see Dorothea here from the one that U.S.S.S..

Has set up for admissions across the regional campuses I pretty much runs around there are fairly large staff comparatively similar things will be set up we've talked to Dave Wimbush on those for graduate Hiller adoption and that type of community that service center that set of power users that can take it to the next level and help people get to the next level is critical for us to get the most out of this type of the tool we need to mature in the way we use the tool we need to stay up to date on new features and we also need to be thinking holistically particular communications and marketing about what is the ultimate goal what is the message what is the call to action how does this that not only with you branding but how does it fit with the communication strategic plan and things like that and that applies across almost every pillar because let's face it it's a communication a mass communication tool.

The question is a lot of time. Well we're going to give you a little bit of extra time and got some cards up here if you'd like it just remember C.R.M. that I used to you and thank you very much for attending to appreciate your time.

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What is an adoption “pillar”? Chris Tompkins, Director of the IU CRM Initiative, presents the concept, explaining the differences between a pillar of adoption and individual areas that have adopted the IU CRM platform. This talk also includes a high-level overview of the capabilities already available for the three current pillars: Communications, Admissions/Recruiting (undergrad.), and University HR.

Description of the video:

>> Good afternoon everybody and welcome back to your series here and. I'm so in the first session we did we kind of have heard what is being this and a little bit about this tree up is. This one we really want to focus in on the different what we call wars of the doctrine or areas of what line of business university is actually leveraging our current I use your implant day and for each one of them what's in it it from a high level features and how they're utilizing those types so we'll get a little bit deeper into the starting out with a little background.

It's pretty important understand how these will fall so if you can backtrack about three and a half years in sales force really that new and I you other than a handful of disparate builds character in there we definitely saw the potential of having sales force be the enterprise C.R.M. at some point but we didn't nearly know where to start so fortunately for us we did end up having a number of groups come together their funding aligned their business and say we want this to our projects so some of these.

Will get into here in a second are things like teach our communications Mr fruiting but part of what you were asked this is executing an enterprise build and vision without having an enterprise directive or strategy which when Austin was much harder than it actually Sam's. One of the guiding principles we adopted very early on is that for every solution to the Lipper it had to make sure it was designed to be extensible and crossed leveraged immediately or at least have the potential to be that way someday with very little overhead so the scale was really the important aspect here in general a lot of Syrians on the market they are not really built for scale and when you come to higher ed everything is about scale and the economy how can you have as much value out of this product you can.

So looking at the different pillars of the already mentions. Starting out with communications that went on for about four months until we launched about three years ago this past March media after that rolled into the admissions undergrad space and then towards the end of the admissions we're getting A's we actually ended up tackling I use a chart.

So for each one of us you can see here kind of or objective buzz but we can get into a little more detail in the second. We do enjoy putting this plugin off. We're getting a lot of Inquiry on the way adopts How do I fit in how can I use it how can I get some value so as we've mentioned previously Syria and I you don't you do you on that website we have Dr inquiry go there anytime that you want to see if there is way you can leverage this as part of the process we're going to have some to come out of a conversation doing assessments in some cases you find that you actually fit into a perfect bill or in other cases you may need to spin up a new one and if there's enough value in spinning it nucular and we're going to this little more later as well our executive leadership may say approves the top into our strategic growth.

But by all means go out there and fill out that form it's very brief and submitted in and somebody will be in touch with you very shortly it's now let's get into the pillars of the first one is communications so as I said before about five years ago or so I you communications one it's replacing all the antiquated system they had called what humans and this was a very standard e-mail distributions.

So after a little bit of time going through that are if we ended up partnering with them and we turn this into a dual objective number one how do we replace mass e-mail keep deliveries at scale but then also how do we do a foundational C.R. and Bill in the C.R. and being where we track people their relationships University and our interactions with them as we really need to have proof positive that this product sales force could actually fit the bill of something of our magnitude.

So at this point in time now that we can fast forward about three and a half years you've got two hundred ten plus business units each business unit represents a department Institute's Center in your words using the i use your in platform specifically Marketing Cloud for Masti Mills process online campaigns.

The other thing is that these are all very very scalable and flex so there's no way you can have two hundred ten different groups using one single product unless it is flexible that was one of the things that we definitely want to focus on any time that we deploy part of our this this platform.

And we start looking at the audience and really comes down to Do you want to send you mass e-mails if so this is the place for you. So what's included in that particular adoption first one very very sophisticated emails when it comes to the design of the marking cloud formally known as Exact Target is one of the most sophisticated marketing utilities in the market right now the you can do it and is definitely one of the top three or four competitors out there.

You can manage your distribution list so everybody maintains their own targets this is for both internal He and external populations and that's important so I think there's been some confusion out there this is not just for identifying in target students or prospects or employees This literally is for anybody who is a constituent university they will be reported in the C R M And you can send a.

Subscription management anybody who does email in mass should be familiar with and ambles if you're not I highly recommend you get in contact I EUCOM there are very important and there are legal requirements when you are sending market based materials out you must have the ability for people to opt out the other thing is a lot of times you don't want to carpet bomb the entire universe so having way people opt in as well practically is very important so with the communications solution you can do both and those list can be done at literally the top level the unit level and in some cases locally across the university or that opt out keep ability hopefully everybody has gained an increased awareness appreciation of the dreaded fish so as part of that we do have the ability to do digital signatures on all mass sends you can have multiple digital certificates to maintain on which distributions you use them for and Mark in quotes and do you have a dedicated IP address that his white listed at the I you exchange or if you send something to anybody internal IT WILL get through without going through any type of preventative screen and as I mentioned before you got a foundational data model with every single deployment area of adoption to work reporting analytics for a very important aspect as well so depending on what's happening and let's repeat for there is something in here that can achieve the of this and analytics success analytics liberates open rates everything it's so following the communications project we had a number of groups which included U.S.S.S. representing regional campuses I U P Y of missions and The Office Online education they all team together and said we really need a world bus admissions for creating solutions so they also pooled their resources together to fund a very very watered scoped emissions project Now this was still in foundational phase one project but it had a lot of good stuff cooked into place so these are the best there really are Peabody the French three which would include any of the central offices across the regionals right U.I. all of online education and even departmental recruiters that are working in collaboration falls.

So unlike the very kind of foundational and minimal employee and roles to data we did for the communications project admissions has a very robust there's four to five hundred data fields for representing will be tracked as part of a recruiting funnel or any of that against three data that's important to make sure you can target segment cohort to personalized and if you're going to realize that you need creating efforts it's we did do a incredibly robust one on one interaction management So this has become probably the most utilized feature if you happen to plan.

And it's using something called Sales Force Base It's the sales force cases somebody can contact us it will open up a case and you can record the back and forth conversation via phone e-mail in person doesn't matter but that will all get logged as long as people log it into a single case based off of a topic to the point you close to that could be anything from a recruiting luncheon you have a high school open house and down to e-mail from parents asking questions about tuition or house anything that is that one on one type of interaction or conversation can be recorded in time back to the person so that's very very powerful and it's in its capability another key ingredients the admissions the space and then managed now with event management it's important to know this is not it's full of that parents which means it does not ordinary and it's does not schedule then it's with this really is a way for people to track and currents as an artist ation on those events along it's a definition about purpose it's so we actually designed our own locals for this instead of going with the vendor product like we want them out because now the end of products really net earnings so as part of that we do have a pretty robust methods form builder allows people to build registration forms for each individual event terms of attendance falls so you can put it on an i Pad and have a student worker actually take attendance or abuse it's.

The events themselves can be a single occurrence they can be recurring in a series so if you want to have orientation every Monday night twelve weeks you can handle that and have them all kind of combined together in one area and we can do what we call some events or sessions so if you had various sessions throughout a dataset make a register for those are included as well and then of course all of the good juicy communications along with this confirmation of registration reminders to you one week to day or her ever being present is that you must do or interim and then follow ups that are automated based on whether or not so the answer and it didn't show.

When formed over utility was something I already mentioned this is where we can do a better trace reports for attendance also in each type of weather inquiry I would like more information about program that's all that will go in automatically get coordinate automatically create the Monsieur Monin next into an existing and allow people to engage them very very expertly.

We do also have something that does generate documents which is a print solution this is a perfect Congo and this allows you to do things such as acceptance the reminders that certain Assayas checklists are. Sometimes rejection letters a wait list pretty much any type of document that you want to do hard copy for an individual leveraging the data can be done through its utility even found a way to knit it into complex communications as a multichannel If ability as well.

The expense of automated trip communications this is the crown jewel so we have a product called Journey in marketing plan that lets you do extremely complex workflows where you can have people automatically inject into a communication stream of them branch based off of various aspects for X. it's if they click on a particular link then empathic if they didn't go down at B.

and then be reevaluated at each step and object if they no longer meet the minimum price to remain on that apps so this is highly leveraged by admissions pretty right now and you are looking at ways of extending now asked the space. Again going back to fourteen analytics you do have that natively than sales force we can pull in the sales force data generating reports and then you can even leverage something called dashboards which is really a graphical representation of a report into your home page on a trip things on a day to day basis real time so along with the admissions we creating you may have heard me mention in stress that was for undergraduates Now the reason I did that is because it was for undergraduate that we actually get sponsors funding to develop a project and up to this point and even moving forward most of the projects are going to be sponsored from a consultant perspective so most of our projects we do need a degree of consulting on a really rare occasion they need additional product.

Previously it was all funded by that or so since we did not have a graduate sponsor we did not have a graduate project however we saw a lot of value in what we're doing for undergrads we wanted to provide something at least to get Brad started if they chose so we took a subset of more of the low touch aren't very high touch low volume that graduate recruiting tends to do functionally that aligns with their particular recruiting strategies came up with a package based off of what we did for undergraduate and made it available now we did not market this he did not communicate this out it was those who came to us we offer up as an option and based on that option we've got about ten different programs and schools have currently adopted about another twelve in the pipeline waiting to adopt so that that's pretty pretty nice to have that capability to offer up this well so within this I had mentioned more of that low volume high touch do offer up a web concrete form for each of the grant programs be able to cohort based on the term or interest you can handle that one on one in your press interaction management or those more I touch recruiting activities I need to make a call outs of this person and you to follow that one and then of course all the reporting analytics that wall but as you can see it's a very targeted subset of the available options melody.

The final one is the university human resources so I U H R is part of the twenty twenty objective as done a complete and total reward of their their control organisation where there used to be a separate organization campus they want to form one bell organization that can handle services across all kinds this will streamline and improve process all around the long way services but they need to have some sort of service management system or solution so towards the end of the admissions project H.R. can just again the funding and we did and initial phase one employee services project or H.R. this leverage is mostly the.

Employee data model that we currently have in place which allows you to identify areas location position on those lines and then the meat and potatoes of that is that S.F. tastes so as anybody submit something to ask a chart it will automatically go into a sales force case and let me know this is the same sales force cases that it missions use this is not a separate instance this is not a separate future everybody is in the same one however we are able to completely segregate them so from an end user you think you're in there by yourself none of the data processor.

But all submission of employees services to ask H.R. come in here create a case goes to their central employee service center they treat out to a center of expertise where then such as employee benefits can address that and close it out once it's been resolved. They also have a new new item that did not offer a previous The cut consuls know what consuls is is a service agent of the world and C.R.M. This is how in one screen we can pull in cases information about people anything else that might be important to a single screen so you don't have to navigate out and can actually address the service requests in one small location and that's been pretty beneficial to their process.

So for the demo parts come to on look ups your M let's you come directly to sales and let me go over to our sandbox environments where we do not have liked it. And this will just give you an idea of the bastes. Now one thing to note on this is that I have logged in as myself and therefore it's from my peers it is basically all views are if you were to look at this through the eyes of an emissions user you're going to have accessed data if it's from the H.R. user they'd be more on charts for communications use or new conditions so there is a little bit to learn by.

The to give you a basic idea of how this all fits together on the full text record a kind of illustrates some of these. So as you can see I've pulled up the record it's now this is his contact person on this particular record there is no information about the individual ships that first.

Reason is because when you get a person purse but we can hold on multiple relationships that person by adding in additional records such as employments or and while it's opportunities represents recruiting firms. Each one of these we could have a term of in won't earn institution or campus we can have a term of the point based off of that I have a job two years ago and have a new job now as you see I've only had one job and I've been enrolled one semester I haven't gotten very far.

But with the recruiting aspect you can have multiple funnels for months in time so when we look at something like a recruiting funnel that could mean I am a prospect at Southeast campus at the same time I am an up and I You Q white it's how do we have both of those going on for that person it's where we handle that is that there are actually two separate words for the I you campus right do I campus engages their record southeast campus get is there are both processes running in parallel but still attached the same first along that you can see all the additional more robust S.Y.S. student related admissions to that we have associated.

In terms of cases. All cases related to Kris Tompkins are going to be labeled and reported on him and as you can see by looking at this particular case we have various aspects based off of this topic and its insistence my application of what was the activity history what conversations took place with emails transpire.

You can go ahead and schedule tasks as open as if it's a science myself others in my group that will give you a pop up window or do. All of digging it back and forth it's actually done up sales but it seems that way it's all tracked in chronologically to here on the same.

Internal comments and then of course history tracks this decision what group was assigned to who was slain When was it open when was it closed when was it real all of these things were tracked in history and all of this did it before from a campaign perspective. And are used for multiple things first one is fourteen or so what if there is information that you want to use to report or to some of the context sales force that is not actually modeled as part of C.R.M. It can be done by creating this gem and.

All of those people get added on top the list and you maintain your lists at your leisure. Communications and things work in the same fashion I want to target population for this. I want to be able to do it call campaign for this great able to add to that order has happened based off their numbers that last one on the pic on spea here because I just are not.

Allows you to track all the information about it. In the day time it starts and finishes. A registration in the. Participation past so if you only had one hundred shares in your venue it will actually automatically add up all the attendees who have registered a while any of your guests all the way down to the point where you have zero capacity in which case those frustrations that way you don't overbook your events.

And then all of the people are long and registered who are participants along with status registered canst And so the communications are done and Mark in class the web forms are built and schools and we all work in conjunction with these particular records provided and the best solution.

The final thing I'll show you very quickly in the can affect the slide deck if I can. Is the reporting capabilities sales force reports it is actually very well bust and also very useful friend so coming in here you can actually create reports every user can based off of any data they have access to within the city.

So an example would be it for one six eight term freshman class now this is a pretty big ones it's been thinking a lot but this particular user built a filter using the skills first computer bill of. Well you can drag and drop any criteria you want and then doesn't have the values he wants.

That will build out what data is looked at brought back this particular report and then blow your event actually customized what data comes out as well again just for the drag and drop the fields on those particular records from here all accessible to use within the report you do you can run the report export it you can run it another day.

But this is a very very and teacher in all your thoughts he blames everybody just current needs. So now that you've got a better idea what is available out there and if it's available to right now. What's next Don't care of this a little bit in the first presentation so there are a couple of new pillars that are being investigated right now the first one or relations and when you talk about or relations that's more outside and keep based but as a university deal with a lot of different external organisations and the people of those forms it's we want to know what those interactions are only ships you have with them who are doing that we need to improve the engagements and the experience the corporations have.

Mislaid over to the president's office filled so President Praveen has his own set of contacts the presidents loss their own set of interactions their own sort of personal information about those people we need a place to be able to house that as well along with the rest of the city are in a very nice supported restricted way.

There is a way to make it all co-exist in one spot so that's another area that we're looking to fill that. The course you're on package is one that is a little bit near and dear to me and it's based over all of those inquiries we've been receiving since he went live as a presidential initiative and after reviewing a lot of them we've had over almost sixteen.

At this point we started noticing some very specific acts the patterns were regardless of where you're at with firmness of the type of material you're looking to use for people you're looking to gauge everybody is wanting a lot of the same thing and that is I want to be able to track my people I interact with on a truck essentially an outside organization they're associated to on a truck or conversations I want to be able to report off those to meet cohorts and on occasion I want to be able to engage them in their hands well from there we've decided that is a C.R. And so we're currently working on A C R M or package that is agnostic to the particular department or area of business that will still satisfy ninety percent of those course here and it's that way people don't have to wait in a new pillar it will actually be a pillar in itself.

And then another area under conversation right now is a full blown phase one gradual uprooting there still is a lot of ways to go on there especially with business for the Lyman's ever looking to do a similar project undergraduate to something there's definitely of interest from the university right so at this point people will have a lot of questions Who am I what can I use how do I adopt Hey can I create something brand new.

Absolutely However we do need to follow our governance process starting with that new doctoring. With those forms like I mentioned before we are packaging areas that have a lot of value to a lot of people as a potential need to learn those come in and go up our governance chain to our executive leadership who is our C.E.O. Brad Miller our C.F.O. John signaling if they approve we'll look to spin that up as a new player adoption to put it in our strategic approach.

And just because you didn't hear it the first twelve times a said serum got I mean you knew a doctoring we submit the more that we get of those missions the more we can see where the need is so even if you think and they won't do it I'm too fringe anything else and tween you submit that because we do have a lot of very similar use cases and the more like Use Cases of the good and more likely bills in a new area and that's pretty much all I have and hopefully I stayed under.

You have a unit in a university that is using sales force currently in its own sticks and there is no such. Not no such unit there is no such animal tests since Phil says it's. Simple fact is right now where you and steve five percent futures for the event will be just products.

And products we have not bought. Its fullest sense. Will be OK I'm in every frame the question is do you have leaving that it is using all the. People that are available and the do you have units that are using all of the available so. Those are predominantly the I U P Y office of the nations and the US S.

shared service in or or the regional campuses for purposes of missions that is overflowing data that's one journey builder that's at management forms that Sprint's all with all the elements they are eleven through. And another requests so you. Can if they're using the undergrad recruitment he's already. For whatever reason I was thinking that undergrad was not using sales force yet but only graduated you know all undergraduate cream as none still forceful last year excluding the two games.

Well off but in one more plug for the new Dr in serum do you if you believe does have questions on what's currently available or what is in the future please let me know feel free to contact us at any time. I.

First look: the IU CRM Initiative

March 30, 2018
Wrubel Commons, CIB

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Chris Tompkins, Director of the IU CRM Initiative, presents an introduction to constituent relationship management at IU. Topics include CRM in higher ed., IU's new ELA with Salesforce, the IU CRM Initiative's role, and an overview of adopting, change requests, and governance. Chris took questions throughout the presentation.

Description of the video:

>> For those of you who I don't know many of the somethings I'm the director of the I use your initiative and as many of you probably heard a few. What was formerly known as life I'm agent got a new lease on life by having a presidential initiative granted and we were rebranding the I use.

So as a result there's been a lot of conversations a lot of questions in the affect a lot of fusion and miscommunication going on that we're hoping is in to share sessions to help kind of bring everybody together and you get a view on what this really is and what it's not it's so they'll be more info shares doing over the next few months so write.

Two months OK And then of course we're always open to questions of you if you want to want to space. So Chuckie O'Brien is not here today but she is. On service and sports and who i Report to so we do reside in the that this ng all about status and we're responsible for basically the entire scare.

To get into one of them only and that is the technology stack that powers this. So starting up to anything else usually people's first question me is what's. And one of my favorite stories is I've been here I you got four happy years about a week before my interview for this job I had in will what a serum was because I had no idea well I've got to learn what it was Bernard lost theirs so what Isee aren't is really is a place where information about our constituents is hold together in almost the next and at the heart and soul of it it's three main things people who are the people that we as a university we're be involved with that's both internal and external So that could be staff be faculty if students they could be parents.

Season ticket could be researchers to be that. It could be any of those celebrities that show up Christina pieces of art it could be anybody they deal with in the end universe. Relationships. Or it is really needs in the space it's because we do not have a business customer relationship but we have his constituents that have multiple relationships and.

As an I you constituent I can be an employee I mean also be taking classes which makes you know wants to I could also be the parent of a kid who's taking a class so I could be in a one he's also donating and I could be a supporter of the arts James these are all different relationships that I have a person have with the universe so it's really interesting challenging to be able to capture all of those relationships in one ton and make usable to a very broad spectrum of used last one is really interaction it's one of the touchstones of the communications we've seen or the conversations one chooses the events that something is and how have they interacted warning gauged us and asked if you know that better basically what we can use to gauge them better what better experience with the university as a whole so this is a great director here thank you for our friends for putting it together that really helps to visualize but we'll talk about in traditional thinking see our has been very isolated to a particular relationship a particular this is my students be my students these are my alumni this from my staff that really is no longer in effect we have things we need to think about people as people and not only that but what are all of the flavors that we might talks about first.

By knowing them better and me to serve them better and in turn have a better relationship. So what happens then honestly the majority of institutions around here and even still here I use. That. So if I'm talking to that person in the middle and this is what we have because we have information about them scattered them and you can see I can't engage them the second.

Because if we could we could reduce that staff did and why are we entering the same information about the same person fifteen times cost mindgames and as a waste of our resources time. Not only that much more important who's had to call it's a customer support for your phone.

And you talk to that person he explained problem I need to transfer they transfer you get a Rix plan again I'm going to transfer you've got to explain it again about the third time I get pretty. They do too so if I am a student who is trying to get on the.

Northwest and I give you all my information and then also I was like well you know ma'am almost. As well I don't have to re-explain that all over again I might have to do that aren't you are you these the types of things that this type of approach really causes some bad experience.

They're. More effective engagement is what it's all about can we know them better to target them better to get in the information that we need and want as opposed to just carpet bomb as I call it so it's kind of an interesting situation we're in last year in this spectrum of sales force in higher ed we have the dubious honor of universities who spent the most.

Of any university who's used since it was forty million strong is that necessary probably not how many times have you heard people complain about their inbox it's flooded by fifteen different emails and that is the types of things that we are for and gauged where it's a fire.

Data security since we're all in you it's I believe here obviously we know the one. More areas you have information about a person more likely to have a much more likely we're going have an issue with it being transported to be and getting along can't support and you know what's best.

These are all things that we would need to be conscientious of by pulling that information into one central place we're able to really improve the security around our data. And then of course that last. People don't think about ask you to can it's in Apple's campus this is the part that are we are i e Cheney but he outside of the first now we know we're in this area run that bish but they don't and they don't want to engage us by looking at five hundred different are they want to talk to you having this type of picture.

With this puzzle put together allows us to do work we cannot because how do we know who else is how do we know what other relationships they have if they call into the sports how do we know there are big donors how do we know the heir apparent somebody who is currently here and lots of the street having this information allows us to you know sorry had to pick on them you know it's all.

So then the next question that's a C.R. and what sales force sales force is everything and I am not kidding. It is the largest products we know unit So currently there are approximately one thousand products the sales force has of it its mass of course about ninety nine percent of them are geared towards commercial overt sales or other areas of commercial business.

Along with that they leverage thing called the App Exchange this is very similar to the App Store on your phone or maybe sales force doesn't provide a particular feature sets in which case another vendor or another company has produced but they call. Which is a bolt on application or system that has gone through a pretty rigorous screening process by sales force to be approved or there's approximately another seven thousand that's so obviously this is an ecosystem and that's what makes up the platefuls So everything is about for C R N such that holds a fair amount of functionality but it does hold more information that holds surety the holds or interface along with that we have various sales force components from sales force right now the two biggest ones are the C.R.M. itself and what's called the market.

The Marketing Cloud is a product that those nasty digital communications and is one of the biggest and most utilized products cabaret and I we have over two hundred ten different arguments there are currently leveraging it for all nest communications so it's a pretty pretty big thing it's now you know what is here and is now you know what are its what are we so we are now an official presidential.

And what does that mean so most of you probably know us by our foreign name of lifetime and I have timing gauge that is now we it does not exist that I can watch this is the previous initiative that stem pushed back in the mid to thousands to do a unified.

Unfortunately it did not actually achieve the success that it was and that there were a number of different reasons so a few years ago we decided to do revisions since then you have a new product you have more pro-choice we have new philosophy in the culture of the university has changed for us to have the opportunity costs us and over the last few years we have achieved enough of that for the president to actually say yes we need to do this and we need to do this right and what that means is a single unified C.

R. and B. used for all constituent operations of the university across all its which that alone Spears yes it might but we're going to do it when where and. So we do not have an enterprise charge where we previously were more if you'd like to we really like you to come on board now it is in the show where we are going to be targeting disparate C.-R. EMS to overrate them and so we can have that holistic view in that whites are implant.

Along with that isn't it if you may have noticed I'm doing a little bit of hiring so we have done everything up to date based off the team you're going to go into fourteen wants to it's. So that is going to be a huge step in taking the skeleton crew and making it a more of a skill.

Every Sunday will start putting flesh right but it's a good start that's a really good start. Along with the presidential and the ship in funding comes certain amounts of resources that are going to be at our disposal to do. Projects infrastructure asked administration like it's so far everything has been partly funded projects we do nobody is going to fund me to reengineer the architect to agree with.

Us to go and love the outcomes to boring on the on how to go about doing now we have the resource start looking at some of those things so we can really strengthen reinforce architectural. Governance we have actually gotten the wrap moved up it's I have no idea.

But we did well we're at a critical mass point now where governments governments governance is essential and we do have a very good structure in place which I think is on a future slide and all of that through that process. And of course the L.A. or the enterprise license bring them with sales so we have at the moment I believe the largest agreement in sales force of an entire in the country.

That comes with a certain degree of responsibility of making sure that we deliver a watt successfully. Within the email and as couple things to no one is that it is only for sales force products not for any of those or he hands out it's also only for a subset of those products that are secured or foundation to really put the bones of the infrastructure in that baseline and.

We do have a very large places so right now we should be good for the next three years for anything to do and along with that sales force charges transactional. And what I mean by that is every e-mail has cost every single one that goes out and they're all chat based off the greens or Cheney or chaps or so huge that if we actually hit them we're really doing something wrong so we're OK on those fronts but that's the yelling that's in place to give us what we need to really get off the ground and try to.

Come in and yet. Not yet get on doing a really good job or people have honestly on with their. So what products are included this is kind of what I was talking about previously. From the user or adopter perspective the three important months on C.R.M. itself of which we do have huge license kept around that Marketing Cloud which also has a large license cats and those transactional apps are very very large and there's something called sales force community its sales force communities this something that we're very excited about we have not stood up yet but it is available in a community is a combination of a collaboration space and personalized.

So the idea around this is I could have. I to produce supreme James and we want to do it sitting here must be some tall stand and. So here we do an I.T. pro community and with this community anybody who's an I.T. pro has access to this port within this portal what we can do is expose out instance has cases so if they have questions submitted to I to see if we have announcements we have special events such as these imposers maybe we have.

The pros to talk to each other almost a message board space it's all contained in one community and you can have as many communities as you watch but this takes all the functionality that we've been up to date and pilot on the front basic portal and a lot of that Bible space.

So that's going to be really rude to school and we actually that I know I know he's like you know Superman in the seat it's pretty funny the last one is infrastructure products so when we say infrastructure it's not in the traditional sense. It's this is cloud everything sales posts well but what this is is it ministry to be a tool in some parts loudest use on next gen X.

such as Beast integration it's. One of the things that we're definitely keen on changing is. The traditional model of how we integrate scripts data where we've got Oracle tables in S.Q.L. scripts in the forest we're going to a completely new framework that's never been done before and I guarantee it will be successful.

To something governance. So this is our governance path now our governance is based on very very lessons learned from back in life I mean it's this is an extremely streamlined process of governance that accommodates both people who wants to get in constants who are current adopters but also new groups and start leveraging serums different ways than the established them all.

So currently we've done three primary pulls of adoption the first one is what we call communication skills these are those two hundred ten different departments out there that just yesterday. So that's one killer we do have and the missions are critical so this is the former all this new users who have now migrated into sales for C.R.M. and all campuses this Bloomington of moments started doing all undergraduate Pretty Hurts through your employer that includes their information the critique funnels them one on one interaction management or invents their mass on needed communications ones to capture inquiries and for events and then of course any type of printout but for the letters is all being done in the one sphere and that's and then the last pillar here is I U H So this is something we're particularly proud of as again regular universe in the world so we have to put all of human resources so we services in the same instance as she's recruiting and has the communication it's so putting it in our terms if you every email asked H.R. It is an Indian process in the end systems so they have a centralized system of serve the center now that receives always down in terms and a love letter in centers of expertise from Employee Benefits employee relations to what have you where they get central point tree on talent and the entirety.

As Moorcock and sales force went. So that something's pretty well. The other one you can see here is T.B.D. Miller it's there are all kinds of things you can do. So new killers will be established as we progress yes we expand but thinking in those terms here is the governance structure and it all starts down with the huge Now this could be a current or potentially somebody who wants change or wants to adopt or continue different herbs all of those requests come into a central point which gets to be us from that need go ahead and do it but you can file them and determine is this in a current bill or or is it need to be a new if it's in a current bill or we aggregate all of those requests into a master list handed over to a steering committee that represents all of the wind of this universe it is up to them to prioritize and what they want.

Once that's done I work with them to package up a project to go and deliver and it gets moved up to our executive leadership and this is the key element here the executive leadership makes all decisions do not or in our executive leadership is two people and that is Brad we or our C.E.O. John saved our university chief financial officer and trust they have final say on everything that we do which allows us to take a very holistic strategic approach to how we produce the rest fall.

We're pretty good and of course we can't forget our data storage managers who have to give the green light on the thing to do is fall because we we are very adamant of staying in the parameters of the reverse the policy and security security factors in this question.

Be seeking input into our developing. Misleads various departments and. That's a question. Right now there's no plan because it's kind of already there so we are already have given the strength of the steering committee as a prize to various leadership from these different areas it's really up to them to have people come together and have these discussions can really rely on the business itself working once.

We have course can help facilitate as much as possible we can offer advice but with the diversity and extensibility that will can't it really is this partnership where were we on the technology but they all knew this and they own the words so one of the things that we have been doing is watt stations that people will Cheerios will go out and sit and provide options names my ideas kind of the art of the possible if you will and then from there they going to want to establish themselves and or or work with their steering committee in their area to come up with what their areas.

Are right now while. You know all the stuff we're going to do. First net and I kind of already went through this. This is a very good example exactly how fast we were moving so fast in the time it took to build this slide we've already adopted ten more units communications up to two ten and step two hundred two so the marketing and communications there stakeholders steering committee if you will is purely by communications they do all digital communication so we have as many people are aware and thanks to our glorious new S.S.P. process then on a bit of a hunt for all of the instances of Mail Chimp and impact and anything else out there is a messy mail distribution we've been importing all of those and over time in you've actually skewed to your hundreds of those events was three years trying to make sure that any mask is real communication e-mail goes out.

And it comes from I mean there are a lot of factors around that or one being the digital signatures which we all know is very important number two we have a dedicated IP address sent from that is whiteness to the exchange so anything that does get sent from sales force will successfully get leverage without going through all of those little hooting barriers trying to protect us against the dreaded.

So all of that is a very key University H.R. on plate case records and social service quests everything is being channeled through there from a support service. This is almost step one so as their organization continues to make sure we'll continue to expand out there acknowledged. Undergraduate Admissions Like I said previously every single camps out there are all recruiting efforts from The Graduate of the clinic.

And then of course we've got a grad school adoption that I haven't mentioned yet because it's a little bit wonky so as we're going through the undergrad process we took a look at it like this. Really good stuff when you're proud. And then over that course time we've had more and more grad schools tell us on the shoulder and say hey what are you up for us so to date we have never had an actual sponsor route pretty There are no stakeholders and it works with the red spots at the same time we want to take what we had already developed undergrad nick something available so what we did was we took the existing functionality and that he used that we call the base graduate including package now this is intended for very vocal and high touch grad programs we want to do more of that one on one recruiting as opposed to announce So we packaged it up to seven on the table who said anybody who comes to us will offer we did not it in any way shape or market or tuna kit.

And then those that did come we presented it and said here's what you can have right now until we get a project and from that we've got ten schools that are Graham's have adopted this already another dozen and I'm going to come in just for the grad. This one is do you foresee the youth on the issue leveraging skills within their.

Church and then coming on that really quickly when it comes to alumni and then it's not it's always been kind of an interesting dynamic we've especially with their size investment. So one of the things that's of Orton's know about Syria is that there is a distinct difference between what can do and what we should.

What we can do is always going to be the same answer people commute every day all times day and I do this the answer is always universally it's. What will it break what will it consume and does it stay within the vision the strategy what we're trying to do with the unified security that is a much bigger question so one of the things the serum does not do is transactional office it is not in the street it's just it isn't it relationship interaction Management Information Nexus that's what it's intended for and that's what it's about so financial processing if processing it and if all those lines extensive and diverse automated workflows it's really not intended or built we could but then it would probably can see the entire plan that small.

With that being said we have had on the stations with advancement alumni very recently they've been very positive and a likelihood that will have some sort of collaboration in mind to me and very high. Long winded answer just after problem. So next question Aaron thank you I'm going to Florence your questions for instance aren't really area that's in your school why.

You're. So it's one of the things that we did you write out of the gate which is literally Day to spin up a web page really quick thank you it go with a nice little button that says hey you want to use a sun in this poll and then all the sudden it just went whoosh.

We have been trying very hard tweets of how tall is it very serious national systems done we haven't gotten kind of air so I very much apologize for the way all these things the way that that process went to work is that somebody will be reaching out hopefully over the next few weeks admonition to get more information about what their interest from that point will go into all parts for future consideration everybody should know that there probably would not be any likelihood of movement for another three to six that's very important if you're already up projects play which one is from here and second.

What we are really trying to do right now is when it's Since this is a unified see what we need to do is find out what is most extensible and there you know maybe match up and listen to. What we have been seeing is that there are a lot of groups for making splats are basically the same thing but they're completely different they want to trust the people they want to track maybe announce I will musician the people are associated they want to be able to record conversations a little bit of information if you reach out that's really kind of a force your and it's just.

That but that's where the latest comes from Paul just for that but we are working through that very large list that is false so just states are OK and they added some feedback saying you'd be right there isn't I don't reply to. You know what my boss told me that yesterday.

They go on her but. I think. And for what types of training professional development resources that you know I'm sure that's a very good question and it's also something that you're working mums parts which is store plea because we have been so few on the research side we have relied exclusively on the killers of adoption by their own training so we took a train the trainer.

That has been trained and has done the job done we need to find a way to prove that all so we are going to be looking at more of a forced based training program the number one thing that I would recommend is East is to not Google. If you google if you you to not only are you going to yourself a headache going to give me a headache and into a serious you all kinds of crazy stuff let's do that but one of the things that all of this information doesn't use in the one guide you very well and there's a whole lot of.

The other one is it doesn't tell you what will or will not fit in our it's so sales force is the most configurable and extensible platform there like to call every single build sales force is we need to we've built our ARRINGTON So the need to scale cross the line campus is higher education for mass constituent parts and what that means to some things do.

So from a professional development standpoint I would. Look to determine chips we've already had. Various activities from child to sales force in the classrooms I think there's a lot of new intubated things. But we're right now with just trends. You have another question is still twice appropriate for maintaining administrative departments daily interactions with the customer base and I even externally Yes The nice thing is is that that is Syria.

Their constituents of the universe those are interactions with the universe if you will that should be the first supported mission. Now does that translate to all cases not you're not in a good financial transactions are not going to maintain pain that will. Do I need to have somebody on my team submit it taste me because they need to be out now.

But if it's a matter of a we're going out which parts about a service Absolutely if we are engaging. I had a similar services phone with you because they want to be able to track the conversations that some sponsors have the what's absolute. We may not have it built day but that is definitely the types of things they're looking.

Let me begin to burn your response first S. It seems the primary interest is to continue developing the C.R. and for operational and collaborative free markets are there plans to eventually leverage it and analytical C.R.M. to you in a mining for insight intelligent approach decision making process that's a really good question the answer is kind of.

So we already have a D.S.L. line initially. We are not looking to replace the wall but we would like to see it as a sporting club or racial them as maybe being a source of information but by that time. For water and it's one of the things that has to know because we do not recreate school systems all we pull into this year and this is what information is the average of all to be able to engage people better or to provide a better experience that does not mean we have every day to finesse and yes God help us but that means is that we will have our own set of information that will be a key component some of those types of analytics that actually D.S. like more with or upload or some other aspects as well there's also a degree of data mining that you can do within the system all you want to.

Buy snacks tired to see scrolling through that's it sweet next. What's next OK So these are projects that our executive leadership has either I don't either already have. The first one being as we are currently on the way within the Mission Space two projects this is going to basically take what was done in a small one and expand all improve some of the solutions we are out there in the new ones along with that we are going to go ahead and retool some of the but can very solutions and didn't initially to make them more expensive all the startling that really hard or framework that I was talking about fall example of that is going to be mobile This can occur where anybody with a list in a spreadsheet can take it up load it into the system directly and Celts and apocalypse or pre early going through you have to manage to people have it be nice neat and clean or interests you are currently we've got about twelve hundred different music about you in that.

It's so that is the first step towards this bigger on its solution where we're going to be able to better mean to be used and it's. The other one on here is S M S tests. So we are going to be moving to multi But that means this right now all it's you know all of the text as a channel for next communication we also have the capability of data anyone conversational text as part of the service that will be in the future of things so this is one interviews it's.

Graduate Recruitment is one piece are the ones that are not approved is part of it. This is a full blown graduate couldn't or it's not just the what we throw together. So that's waiting on any case the stakeholders What's it look like it's we. But it will be a robust correct it's.

The next one that's what I wake up in the night. Or percolation it's some issue what that means be honest we're going to do it all so what this means is base if there's an external entity all this Asian corporation research sponsor anybody wants the current universe what do we know about what can we as we have been in we go through.

This could be all kinds it's this could be donations this could be grant this could be that's should be in church it's nuts but basically what do they have been long us right now there is no way without months months lots of effort holding data from all kinds of sources to give somebody a clear picture of what are we doing.

I guess we're going to figure out next one serum for Adoption Act If this is not as alluding to previously every university including us as it was approved by what train of solutions this is an advancement this is a solution it's the charts nobody has ever said what about serums.

That's what we're going to do so what that means that's one hundred percent agnostic to one business and hopefully that music. And really spread out value without having to go this little or we're doing this project now and there has been this project no one project it on all of them but a good choice in the last one all of those things that we care about.

Rebuilding agree it's putting and how to do it all making sure people aren't really million looking things in what's right and know a lot of that kind of solid infrastructure that Ministre to type of thing that will improve the overall architecture have to make us maybe not well it resists.

No questions no inflight of course you have a timeframe and then. About X. in S. and X. ness and that's that's a good question. Right now we're putting together the spoke in the charter so there are a couple of things on text that a little bit subject of the first one being is just going to basically roll out and start so we're still learning about what is up and have a charter put in place in the next week or two and then to get that project off maybe in the next three it's all it's There is another factor along that and that's what's called short it's so I don't know if any of you have received I know you still might and it's a text reminder saying hey you're as in today it didn't come from my dentist it's you from the six digit thing I have to that's that's called a shawl that's something that is universally required by law if you're standing out in the past.

With those short codes there is an inherent costs associated set up each and inherent iron that it takes to get stopped because we have work Sultans to go out to he sprints rise so it's usually about three to one month process just to establish full custody of their operations but that's where we stand one it's the other thing that is very important to note on that is that just because we release it is not used to be available every texting is not seen as being and as a university you comments to only bilking policies the best system or pretty we should be doing.

So those are also things for the plateful nationals and well graduate programs at regional campus now to equal access equal opportunity to leverage the new rather create new things one is Cork you. Absolutely and then the next question is there are many exciting possibilities in any of Western strategizing.

And stronger relationships with our constituents how do we know right features are available to us for us. So that's a really good question also been one of our Someone walks at this point. It minutely we have not had a great communication but honestly with the team or science we've been going to she knows down in the weeds now or not or three years we're just now coming up Meryl so we have these to schedule we have a new website we're going to be posting information about current projects abilities and we're going to be doing additional resources around communications and also collaboration.

So there is a future in sales force that has never been used or called Chat and chatter is basically a social grouping variable you can post messages people. Lives and we are in the process of spinning up its current user groups and global user groups so they can go on their friends much of missions to you but anytime somebody has question the death current practice is with their station and then of course I'm going to enlist I T.C.P. as much as possible OK to help spread the word.

To describe how representatives from utilities of adoption will be selected I think it will depend on the dollar so a lot of times those particular representatives of the staples are as becomes your second ship's side is definitely not me. So people who are interested choice of minutes and then definitely look to become a stakeholder or if nothing else a functional partner at all is really more the subject matter expert provided or it's all those it's all on our.

So we have. Let your questions please don't hesitate to ask them if you're here in the room like or if you're online I posed in your name and thank you. So really quickly for. Your mind questions later joining this is what I was speaking of. We all welcome he but he'd like to invest it we.

Get a bill or maybe something new by going out to the U.C. are what sites. Getting into the green group like I said if you know our blog you know we're all all of them will be receiving siddur let's just see we're going to be helped in the system which means just basically get a better sense that it is for and then we can take that next or.

That your pocket book project **** that missions or all of this but. So we're going to do for the next three years since you have all wot. Like I said we're hiring eight new positions as anybody knows that takes. Both to go through the hiring process one writes candidates to none but then train them up people are going to look at the ground from the dates so we will need if he wants to get them up to speed and then we're going to be thankful for.

It so along with that we are finding new processes and we follow government stablished we've already got the request stablished there's a lot more. Work in a project processes church backlogs the whole nine yards and the project size we have. Executive Leadership is we've heard station because we started with the did not start four weeks ago this is in their three years and we've been getting requests for his students things since day one so we're start to go through the backlog now that we have.

Built the schools and then of course the project plan So taking those packages with Ernster and will. Definitely get a phased approach to everything else once it's circle instead of say is what we need or. What needs and used in the way it's there that's more. Now in house which has got a question and there's a question no questions from this.

And any questions in here he's asked for microphone. It doesn't matter and this is not only a bit of H.R. masts it's. The systems that you like to integrate with how much MORNING. Started our budget well more than your units. So one of the things is the source integration question is for Nancy very.

Well I'm looking at is there's two deployments there is university you whites just managed and then there is everything else everything else I'm not going to address questions here will integrate So this is really just for you right yes it's a time to see eight I'm going in we reach out there where is the weapons system and he's given the heads up.

Process itself is a process. And even a list of who will curse asking to appear to work which will probably be like for a few three six months of control the other thing to perhaps take the situation as the body else is full script and swap so we're going to work with those teams to get as much time is needed.

In order to do it well one of the things as been extremely historically is kind of done your research on this and they end up marrying this so we want to make sure that we have that that's on the occasion all the other bits and that's in order to make sure that it's all his fault and not show up and go by the way next week.

Now I'm not saying it will never happen. If our C.E.O. comes to me tomorrow and says I need in a very H.R. by next week. I will let you know it seems like. They. Have one on line you want to know and here's an easy to eat small eventually do you need it centers and this too that's another very good question it's like our business where pot it's so unfortunate Genser is it depends.

When it comes to the idea of the billion dollars institutes there are a lot of different facets we have to consider one is our actual and Bria sales force so that does require some operations from being users in the US aren't you why since two affiliates aren't so that they aren't.

But there is a bigger question. Is it. So we are actually engaging on stations now with research on that it's too true. That are not necessarily I. Or state. Universe that engage a population that is not their users may not be they could get other universe all of these things have to be taken it's rationed so it's not.

So far been that you already have been yes. But I'm sure there are a lot of use cases out there. In the five or six. Because Thank you so I'm just so busy this analyst here if you like yes I probably have a constituent list of two hundred people mostly the heads of I.T. units or you know need administrators and units is artificial You know you like yes communications they're just service related communications but we're having them namely you know with different units is this going to be something that the C.R.M. misapplying that you know would be an appropriate use case look somewhere else to organize you know these kind of service related communications are they one on one or what I mean the very first answer is probably I would say whether or not it's and they used.

So it's a matter of you want to engage these two hundred S. nonsense automatically answers Yes Now anybody with any white Yes should work with I teach communications for doing anything in the House coming out it's still very first. Before we just issue out licenses and people up the arch we reckon.

So we can have a better pour nation. It's the one on one stuff that is where that force. So is there like a threshold so when is I list appropriate versus C.R.M. You know what that's not something that means. It's very subjective so I'm not a fan of my YOU lists obviously I do my say but everybody spends but there are different situations where it's probably won't.

Really get into the day so far clocking times per hour it's. For internal meetings Dysart and then we speak to your friends to the eye to prove to us we're talking about similar constituents and Erbil ety once the communities piece comes into play that will be a huge resource to precisely those kinds of purgative indications of that so.

Excited about so and that's really good points. Already nice across. There you're talking about engaging this group a probably engaging same group we should be engaging. In the same way so we can see more engagements is engagements there engagements but that. If we use a different methodology or mechanism.

If the else. So I'm a developer for. Communications Office here and I was just wondering. Kind of the. So I'm assuming we come to you if we want to learn more about like technical integration A.P.I. things like that. But with the process I guess to start to initiate that kind of conversation where if we actually need to work with.

These things and do we just go on the website that we've built for you in and you know it's nothing there or we talk to you directly and then also om you know you answer. OK So there's two answers to number one being for any just general questions feel free to ping me.

The only thing that I kind of caution on that one is my billable His little bit of it so I'm going to this particular wild response otherwise we can do is you can submit a question to you your. I use your and I. And that's in something into the sport and we can answer gentle push that prefer that be more useful so feel treated and you directly if I transfer or loss.

Along with that as a general since we have such a sizable mission data with such the first user were used as we do not know it's A.P.I. or integration it's a cyst. Trying to sure that it's triggered in the functionals ability allowing that albums possible and every time we've seen something directly connected break something or expose So one of the things that I had on that is that integration architecture when we get that in place that will provide us more of a safe mechanism of doing.

So that's probably good. So then on on that note the with the integrations what what kind of data coming expect once once out is up there what kind of data can we expect to be able to extract. That Bush will be actually very dependent on data manager and stewards.

The exposure of data something that your view. Just because that is such a huge fighter for you. And him technically expose itself within Syria but the appropriateness and more importantly your security restrictions to repair your things. But until that happens. In a few quests and is are is just messy very many expected to replace the principles and support routines to staff if so where does not on a potential time can I respond with No comment.

On step down. Too early to tell. The next question is are you using sales force where he said. No And the reason is not because of capability or the sire but honestly in fact my team rags on the almost daily why are we not doing it and here I have the same answer for them and that is right now we don't have a school project.

We are so under the gun it's deliver for our users and for the business it is not justifiable for me to take time out of my staff and resources. Quite honestly once that I use here and or package gets OJT I'm definitely one. But I don't want to base if we have other groups go without sponsors why say you know I want to do the school thing.

So that's the answer is we very much want to be very much into it's been a resource constraints. Let's then security model for example of human campuses each other's e-mails going there. Sure the security model is intended to be open now that is open with Tap It's so the idea here is that from the missions of Koreans to give missions leadership team to Universal remans to make all information available to all missions he's so if somebody has an emissions based are they are able to see all the missions mission transactional I asked of arms as for the part that was in the agreement from us just us and the missions directors ever it's so with that as a next step though if you're not in this it's news or you cannot.

You can still see the people and this is where the people relationships interactions come into play we are all engaging in seeing that play everybody has universal access to stream people but the relationships are by the specific areas to determine how they will share them but more the stray so the back row stand up to us.

Is there going to be a per user licensing cost still questions for us good question the answer is that's so if somebody is using what is currently in our A package means. The university has funded all licenses for the problems if we engage a project that was to do something using something we do not have a license cost act that pay for themselves on that note with each project there is also a tension so should it cost them small so the L.A. as a I'm sorry the ozone the L.A. has uncovered for those kind of more school or administrative projects that the entire university the first Pacific functional projects the sponsorship comes with form they are responsible not only for the to tional or the ops but any consulting cost you need to bring in for expertise it's this is kind of a follow up to the previous and.

The open approach to recruitment to the recruitment communication links and beyond recruit communication. If I understand it correctly and let me answer it two ways as I'm sure I all esteem term. The types of communications there who should be locked into. But if you're outside of will then yes everything is open however we do recognize that fact sometimes periods chust medications on us so we do allow them to ability people to strict particular or interaction on a case by case basis so the example that we've used store is I You communications planning in that Meryl Streep is visiting camps so as they are in their building and out they don't want people in there coming across that they're able to restrict it so that when they do distribute it out it can be anybody's who's so we do have some case by case for us as a general rule of the other than business appropriateness or on the lockdown the nation or university of mission security policy.

It is not open it can't be used so we try to find reasonable middle ground. Excellent rant looks like we have no more questions here in the room while on line thank you so much for me if you are meant to present. Chris's untacked information is still post on the screen if you forget that or don't write it down arms take note now you can always email a teach me partner since that OP were two Yes and I You DON T.

T. you or that on Christmas. Thank you or buddy or taking the time to slow me I want to watch.

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Director Chris Tompkins details how, in partnership with Appirio, IU successfully completed a foundational implementation of Salesforce CRM and Case Management, which is now being used for all employee customer care and services.